Harbor Provider

Summary of what the provider is for, including use cases and links to app/service documentation.

Example Usage

# example for harbor v2 api usage
provider "harborv2" {
  host     = "demo.goharbor.io"
  schema   = "https"
  insecure = true
  basepath = "/api/v2"
  username = "admin"
  password = "Harbor12345"

# example for harbor v1 api usage
provider "harborv1" {
  host     = var.harbor_endpoint
  schema   = "https"
  insecure = true
  basepath = var.harbor_base_path
  username = "admin"
  password = "Harbor12345"

Argument Reference

In addition to generic provider arguments (e.g. alias and version), the following arguments are supported in the Harbor provider block:

  • host - (Required) Hostname from the Harbor Service. like demo.goharbor.io, can also be specified with the HARBOR_ENDPOINT environment variable.

  • username - (Required) Username for authorize at the harbor, can also be specified with the HARBOR_USERNAME environment variable.

  • password - (Required) Password from given user, can also be specified with the HARBOR_PASSWORD environment variable.

  • schema - (Optional) Set Used http Schema, possible values are: https,http. Default: https

  • insecure - (Optional) Verify Https Certificates. Default: false, can also be specified with the HARBOR_INSECURE environment variable.

  • basepath - (Optional) The Harbor Api basepath, for example use /api for default HarborV1 and /api/v2.0 for Harbor V2 Deployments. Default: /api, can also be specified with the HARBOR_BASEPATH environment variable.

Install the Custom Provider

Download the Latest Release, GitHub release (latest SemVer).

# for example https://github.com/nolte/terraform-provider-harbor/releases/download/release/v0.1.0/terraform-provider-harbor_v0.1.0_linux_amd64.tar.gz
LATEST_LINUX_RELEASE=$(curl -sL https://api.github.com/repos/nolte/terraform-provider-harbor/releases/latest | jq -r '.assets[].browser_download_url' | grep '_linux_amd64')
TAG_NAME=$(curl -sL https://api.github.com/repos/nolte/terraform-provider-harbor/releases/latest | jq -r '.tag_name')

# direct install to your personal plugin directory
wget -q $LATEST_LINUX_RELEASE -o /tmp/terraform-provider-harbor.zip \
    && unzip -j "/tmp/terraform-provider-harbor.zip" "terraform-provider-harbor_${TAG_NAME}" -d /home/${USERNAME}/.terraform.d/plugins/linux_amd64 \
    && rm /tmp/terraform-provider-harbor.zip

Here a link to the Terraform Doc how to install third-party-plugins